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Get Out of the Ham Radio Shack and Into Nature With POTA

Before Parks on the Air (POTA) started you could usually only find ham radio operators on the airwaves during a QSO Party or Ham Radio Contest. POTA has helped bring people out of the shack and into nature with their radios. Ham radio operators set up portable stations inside State Parks, National Forests, and other…

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Ham Radio Propagation Conditions

In addition to solar flares, there are other factors that can affect ham radio communications. This article discusses some of those things that you may need to consider when making a ham radio contact in reference to amateur radio band conditions. The HF portion of the radio spectrum uses the ionosphere to bounce electromagnetic waves…

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Is Technology a Major Source of Jobs and Revenue For Many Countries?

Whether we are talking about the eco-village movement or the use of technology for the betterment of mankind, there is a common thread that links all of these efforts. It is the critical juncture that lies between science and technology. And this juncture is one of the most important sources of jobs and revenue for…

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